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Addiction Services

Smoking Cessation Quitting smoking can be a very difficult task with many psychological and physical dependencies to work through. Our pharmacists know and understand this battle and have helped many of our customers towards the path of success. Community pharmacists are an easily accessible front line provider of medication and smoking cessation aids. Our pharmacists strive to assist our customers not only in their physical dependence, but also make themselves available for counselling and support to work through the much more difficult "habit-form" dependency. Stop in to one of our pharmacies, contact us by phone or email us and see how we can help put together a quit smoking plan tailored just for your individual needs.
Where Can I Get More Information? Contact us directly, visit us in store, or check for a comprehensive library of information for both health care practitioners and the general public on addiction and mental health in Ontario.

If you or someone you know is struggling with any form of substance abuse consider a confidential conversation with one of our CAMH (Center for Addiction and Mental Health) trained pharmacists to get more information on getting the help you need.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment The Boggio Family of pharmacies offer methadone maintenance treatment to assist our communities and any opioid dependence issues they may be dealing with. It is a commonly misunderstood treatment and part of our responsibility in serving our community is to offer education on the quality use of medications. Some Frequently Asked Questions About Methadone Are:
What is Methadone?

Methadone is a medication prescribed to treat opioid dependence and pain. It works by binding to the receptors that opioids would normally act on thereby preventing the potentially harmful effects and "high" while at the same time reducing the withdrawal symptoms of these drugs. Patients, when ready, are then slowly weaned off the methadone in small increments to limit withdrawal symptoms.

If Patients Have to be Slowly Taken Off Methadone, Doesn't this Mean They are still "Addicts"?

People who take methadone as a treatment for opioid dependence are no more addicts than people who take insulin as a treatment for diabetes. Methadone is a medication. Methadone treatment allows you to live a normal life, work, go to school, or care for your children.

Can You Get "High" on Methadone?

When patients first start on methadone they may feel lightheaded or sleepy for a few days and quickly develop a tolerance to these effects. If anything, patients can expect to feel "normal" when taking methadone in comparison to the drugs they were taking before.

What are the Benefits to Methadone?

There are many potential benefits to not only the individual patient but also to the community at large. Some benefits to the patient include the ability to regain their life, find employment, reconnect with lost family and friends and to regain their role in society. The community sees savings in long term health care costs, decreases in criminal activity, improvements in productivity and better health and safety for the general public.

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