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Compliance Packaging

Are you Having Difficulty Managing Your Medications at Home?

Do you or one of your loved ones occasionally forget to take medication? Or perhaps you run into situations where you're not sure if you took a dose or not? Compliance packaging, organized by the day of the week and time of day may be the solution for you! The Boggio Family of pharmacies offers compliance packaging for any customer who feels that they could use a helpful reminder on when to take their medications.

Some reasons you should consider compliance packaging are:

  • Helpful reminder of what medication to take at what times of the day
  • Easier to use than fumbling with several different prescription vials
  • Completely organized system divided by day and time of day
  • Ideal for caregivers
  • Convenient packaging for travel
  • Services we offer include:

  • Maintenance of a complete medication profile detailing all medications, allergies and any special requirements
  • Routine weekly delivery of packaged medications and any over the counter requests
  • Free pick up and redelivery when necessary to make changes or adjustments to the medications
  • An itemised monthly invoice and a number of payment options
  • Ontario College of Pharmacy Accreditation
    Pharmacy Accreditation Certificate #8912